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Behuman is….

a social media platform that encourages users to make a positive impact by posting social good deeds.

Concept & Identity  

The team’s main goal was to allow users to connect and encourage others through their generosity. We wanted people to focus on helping their community within small (or big) acts. The word BeHuman underlines the intention of the app. We started the process by concentrating on specific features for the app and creating a fitting and exclusive logo.

I started by creating a couple ideas around the concept of the human body, the feeling of empowerment, and being connected with each other in an abstract way. 

Be human !

I wanted the logo to be as simple and user friendly as possible. The human body and the hands, especially in a fist, seemed to not work for this approach. I instead decided to focus on the name. The logo as the wordmark is very straightforward and simple. Since the app might include some more in-depth features, I wanted to make the experience with the logo as seamless as possible. The contrast between a script and sans serif typeface highlights the story of empower: human touch in modern technology. Giving the app a voices that allows people to empathize and understand the importance of a good deed was my main goal. A couple different concepts were discovered but I found myself coming back to the approach of sans serif vs. script.

Be human and share it

We sat together as a team and wrote down a list of features that would make it possible for people to share and interact with the app and ultimately each other. We came up with, what we thought, was a strong concept and I started putting them together in different wireframes. 

I created a prototype based on the wireframes. While walking the team through them, it became clear that the app was too similar to Instagram. People would not be interested in a second Instagram.

We went back to the drawing board and created a list of important features that would make the app stand out against instagram and other apps. With a set of new features, we created a completely different, and stronger user experience. We went through a lot more iterations and brainstorm/design sessions. The new interface includes features like "inspired" instead of a "like" button and your profile includes your behuman score. Your score is part of the gamification of the app and defines your impact through the images that inspired other users. We also added a world map that shows where your followers are located. Lastly, the bottom navigation changed as well, it now includes: Feed (news), Me (profile), Share (share an image, quote or video) and Pro (professional profile).