Borussia von Bay is a German soccer fan club based in the bay area. The club is growing and became officially recognized by BVB in late 2016.

As a German girl...

and a huge fan of soccer, this project was exciting. I was not familiar with the look and feel of any soccer-related logo, so I spent a good amount of time researching other, similar, club logos for inspiration. I soon found some specific patterns in these logos, and based my work off an emblem-shaped form.

Sketches & Iteration

I started by sketching out a couple different concepts. The first concept followed the goal of creating a sister logo from the original logo. But the approach lacked personality. The second concept "BVB by the Bay" highlighted the location and name of the fan club, but still made it feel part of the BVB family. And the third concept followed the lead of the BVB tagline "Echte Liebe" (Real Love). 

After presenting the digital versions of those three concept to my client, we quickly decided to move forward with the second concept model: "BVB by the Bay." I finalized the position of the city in the background. And for easier recognition and aligning with the BVB brand, I used the original typeface: DIN Bold for the Name, but customized "B V B," since those appear to be much thinner. For consistency with the current BVB logo, I used yellow #FEE700 and black.

Julia Sperling BVB Logo Design.jpg

BusinessCards & Swag

The team also needed business cards and other swag. For continuity, I used the city outline on the front of the business card and the highlight color yellow.