BusinessBlocks is ….

an online education platform for small businesses. Offering online courses in marketing, finance, and human resources, BusinessBlocks aims to fill any gaps that small business owners may have.

Starting from scratch

The main goal of redesigning the BusinessBlocks website was brand positioning. BusinessBlocks wanted to be seen as the leader in online education for small businesses. Through, small-business owners should feel heard and understood in their pain points in running a small business. Therefore, user-centered UI and UX was absolutely essential.

Wireframe BusinessBlocks

Strategy & Concept

Redesigning the existing website required a better understanding of the company's customer personas and their needs. The project required detailed research, reconsideration, newly implemented UX principles, an entirely different user experience, new design guidelines, and a company style guide.

After an intense research phase, website features were defined and transferred into wireframes. A user-focused, minimal and modern design approach was used to create the experience a busy, small-business owner needs. As an example, the homepage defines what BusinessBlocks is offering and who their target audience is. Adding the products themselves into the main navigation highlighted the different course offerings in an easy and reachable manner. By being transparent with the customer, the user experience is straightforward.


Focusing on the user

One core challenge for designing a new online presentation for BusinessBlocks was developing design principles that are focused on the end user. Those principles were carried through the website and other assets like emails and landing pages. To accomplish this, creating personas was a required effort.

Julia Sperling BusinessBlocks Persona.jpg

Building trust

Creating credibility and trust is one of the most important design principles. I quickly recognized that regular stock images would not support BusinessBlocks' credibility as a brand. So in an effort to build a strong brand image, I created a repository of high-quality photography. It includes sets of different small business owners in their workspaces, and the strength of the images come from their authenticity. 

These photographs focus on real, small-business owners in their work environments.

Make it responsive

Design principles and research showed that current users are active on desktop as much as on mobile. The mobile version of the website needed some adjustment to specific elements, but it was important to not lose the developed style that defined BusinessBlocks as a strong and outstanding brand.


We are still in progress and updating the design and user experience. Make sure to visit and check for updates: