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Form Boxing is a new concept created by owner and founder of, Tareq Azim. Based on a traditional boxing class, Form Boxing is a more modern, individualized approach. 

The client had an already established brand identity and web presence. The goal for this project was to iterate and develop a more compelling aesthetic for the website and company deck. 

The website's original user experience was not clear; the page followed a single-page design but seemed very busy with more than 9 tabs in the top navigation. There was too much information and broken links. 

FormBoxing Old website design.jpg

To get a better sense of the main target audience and goals for the website, I met with the client and walked through the pages and his thoughts. Not surprisingly, the intention of the page is to sell the classes. Since the product and company is fairly new, we also needed to make sure to give the user enough information to build credibility within the client. In the meeting, I developed a quick site map.  

Because the client was already familiar with Squarespace, I decided to look for a template that worked with the goals and needs for new the website.   

The site's target audience is women in their late 20s to early 40s. The original images being used were great in that they showcased women, but the black background gave an unknown and mystic touch to the site and product. My recommendation was to revitalize the page with images that welcome new users and align with the following UX principles we developed: Simplicity, Modern, Transparency, Dynamic and Empowerment. 

Julia Sperling Form Bxing Moodboard.png

Because of time conflicts and investor interest, we decided the new images and cleaner look will be part of V2. The first priority was to clean up the user flow. 

 sitemap & mockup

There was already an existing deck developed but it needed some refreshment and updates. The new company deck followed the same style and guidelines as the newly updated website.