It all started when...

I wake up on a Sunday morning and realized I was craving the smell and taste of freshly baked bread. Especially in the Bay Area, bread has seen some tough times. The gluten-free community has grown, and made it even harder for us Germans to find good bread. So we created Stulle to educate others on the benefits of great German bread, and to bring back the culture of a good “Fruehstueck und Abendbrot” (German breakfast and dinner).

Concept & Identity  

Our goal was to create a brand—not just a product. We wanted to share our German culture and to educate people on the joy of baking bread at home. The problem we found, was that most recipes are complicated and take several days to make. We immediately looked to simplify the process so people could actually enjoy the positive aspect of sharing a piece of bread with someone else. After many failed recipes, burned breads and half baked dough, we finally created our first recipe.

Inside & Outside

While researching different packages for the product, I came across Weck Jars. These iconic jars are also produced in Germany and therefore aligned perfectly with our Stulle story. As an added benefit, the jar holds a perfect amount of a small bread mix. And by filling them a layer by layer, the glass gives the customer a window into the ingredients being used.

Julia Sperling Design Stulle Weck Bottle.jpg

It’s all about the Logo, isn't it?

Personally, I love developing a unique look and feel for a product. The look, in our case, was our logo, which we knew needed a personal touch. I came up with different concepts and ideas, but as soon as we finalized the packaging, I was pretty sold on including the jar's unique shape into our logo.

Julia Sperling Sketch for Stulle.jpg
Julia Sperling Stulle Logo Options-01.jpg
Julia Sperling Stulle Logo Options-02.jpg

Stock photography? Nein Danke!

Being a photographer makes it 10 times harder to find good images online. For me, a big part of creating a brand is photography. I believe high quality images is the key to a great online performance. By using modern and professional photography, I created compelling imagery for our website to gain a warm and trustworthy feeling.

In developing the website, we faced two obstacles: no data on our potential users, and standing out as a brand in a tech-based community. Following the same style as in our images and logo, we discovered an ordinary but also surprisingly elegant template. We added features like a video and slideshows to give the website a dynamic and fresh feel.

Julia Sperling Wireframe for Stulle.jpg

Creating a brand rather than a product required a huge effort and excellent customer service. We were very eager to build up a positive relationship with our customers from day one. Therefore we created a "Thank you" card, which we included in each order. Also included was a welcome email and a step-by-step instruction booklet.

Check out our Website and of course our bread: