TupleSignal provides C++ infrastructure software for trading and risk management. It also provides modeling and data storage/management for large financial data. TupleSignal is a startup based in San Francisco and was in need of a logo and online presentation.

Target Audience and Research

The primary target audience is software developers, data scientists, and machine learning and AI specialists. The secondary audience: Investors. In other words, this website is used to attract talent and money. Competitors for TupleSignals are:,,

These competitors have been around for a while and the level of information on their websites is much higher. When it comes to the logo, all three are very different and there were no guidelines to follow.

One step at a time…

After identifying our main goal and target audience, I focused on creating and presenting several logo concepts to get a better sense of which direction the client wanted to go. Starting with this step helped me create a guideline for a style guide, and eventually the website. I came up with three different concepts: 1. Wordmark 2. Wave signals as part of transmitting information 3. AI Neural Network

Julia Sperling TupleSignal Sketch.jpg

I prefer to meet my clients in person to walk them through my design choices and also to see which direction the client is leaning. I get a great work session with my client and the client has the ability to be part of the design process. 

The client liked the approach of focusing on Neural Network for the icon combined with a simple wordmark approach. 



Since the company is fairly new, there wasn't a lot of content we needed to add to the website. Besides basic navigation like a homepage, contact, and career page, there were just two pages specific to the company's product: Software and Hardware. A simple navigation throughout the site allowed for a more streamlined design.


The website followed the same color scheme as the logo; a dark blue #26334C and white. Clean, tech and intelligence were the main UI principles for the online presentation, combined with dynamic and modern images. Proxima Nova highlighted those principles as well.  

Since the goal of the homepage was to create a platform for TupleSignal to present to potential new customers and/ or investors, the website is very bright, welcoming and open due to the use of a good amount of white space.