WEARGINGER.COM is a Bay-Area-based, online, fashion store that empowers women to wear comfortable but exclusive dresses. The foundation for the website has been built, but the project is still ongoing so there is potential for huge improvements as the client builds out their content and inventory.

Concept: Simple, Simple & Simple.  

Ginger was in need of a clean but appealing online presentation. The goal of the website is to create an informative home page that includes their mission but mainly focuses on the shop. The sitemap follows a straightforward, linear structure with Shop, Contact and About. The user flow is simplified by an easy navigation on the top and a more detailed footer.

Sitemap for


Ginger includes a variety of different dresses, from short to long, from beach to evening dress. It can be paired with jeans and flats or high-heels. Since the different styles are very particular, I created multiple personas: a 27-year-old interior designer and a 55-year-old mom with a full time job and two kids. Soon we realized the importance of a simple but outstanding website. People who come to our site are either new customers, who we need to attract and convince, or returning customers who want to order another dress. Therefore the focus again is on the simple navigation through the site without losing the customer’s interest. For example, we focused on big beautiful and linked images that lead to the store with a more detailed description about the image's featured dress. 

Julia Sperling Ginger Website.jpg

The job also included a photoshoot of new products. Knowing our target audience made it easy to hire the right model. We wanted to create a dynamic and positive energy that speaks through the photographs.